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Our Story

At The Little Island Carpentry Company, we turn up when we say we will, finish the job in good time, to an impeccable standard that leaves our customers feeling like they got exactly what they were looking for as they smile upon their new creation.

Being a carpenter and joiner with over 20 years experience working for building companies, I decided to go it alone..


This wasn’t because I was focused on earnings

Rather because I realised that the way to satisfaction in my work is when I know the customer is totally satisfied. 


As a building company employee, you’re always against the clock

Racing to get things done in as little time as possible, often at cost to the standard of work.  There’s usually only one correct way of doing things when it comes to carpentry.  There are shortcuts, however the job I want to do is never “that’ll do” - it’s taking the time to do the job the right way.


A job where the customer is thrilled with the result.

It’s about creating the time to give a project exactly what it needs to end up a perfect job.  Sometimes it means earning less if anything, but the satisfaction to me is priceless.


Carpentry is our love and we channel that love into your work.

We are carpenter joiners, passionate kitchen fitters, and love creating custom storage items - every job is unique and it's our pleasure to fill space to its maximum potential.

Get in touch if you want to realise your ideas.

If you would like help to design and plan your project and especially if you have an idea, but are stuck on details of how to bring it to life.  We offer CAD designs with our free quote service. 


Find out what's possible for your home.   The Little Island Carpentry Co. is based on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

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