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Hand Cut & Trussed Roofs

Which roof is right for your particular project will depend on a number of factors, not least the cost. As the person paying, you're obviously going to want to save money wherever possible, without compromising on either integrity or safety.

Trussed Roofs

Depending on the design, and the nature of the project you're doing, a trussed roof may be the way forward. These tend to be much higher on the material/fabrication costs, but are installed relatively quickly in comparison to hand cutting, saving on labour, although you'll have to factor in crane hire cost to lift the trusses into position. Trussed roofs will often be the way forward when you have a blank canvas, or a big simple shaped building, meaning you will save in the long run given the  speed at which it can be installed.


Hand Cut Roofs

If your project is either more complex in shape, or to connect to an existing roof, you may find hand cutting the best route. You will certainly save on material costs, although this route tends to be more labour intensive.

We have the expertise to tie new roofs into existing structures.

Please get in touch. We'll be happy to offer free advice on the best way forward for your project.

Bespoke Items & Hardwood Slabs/Boards

We have a variety of sources to select from in order to find you the perfect piece for your desired project. We can create anything from Wall Mounted Hardwood Signs, to Table Tops. Please enquire for more information and pricing guidelines. Practically anything is possible!

Handmade Sign for Barbosa Restaurant, Bembridge 2020